Carbon fiber rods.
(Discontinued model)

All rods are made from high quality Japanese carbon and are built
with Maki's original taper.

Spey 789-14

14ft #7-8-9.
Spey rod. I used for Atlantic salmon.

Spey 789-1406

14ft6in #7-8-9.
46-ton high modulus carbon spey rod.

Spey 678-1306

13ft6in #6-7-8.
46-ton high modulus carbon model.

Spey 678-1306

13ft6in #6-7-8.
Low modulus carbon model.

Spey 456-1206

12ft6in #4-5-6.
7x to 10x spey with light weight lines.


10ft6in #3-4-5.
Shorter version based on 456-1206.

YAMAME 34-84

8ft4in #3-4.
Low modulus carbon.


8ft8in #3-4-5.
Nymph rod I used in N.Z.

Please beware of fake copies.