Atlantic salmon.

1218.H.S. 18ft 10-12weight.
Hollow build, Splice joint.

Thank you very much for seeing it.

This is a hand-built custom bamboo rod by Maki Caenis, who made his debut as a bamboo rod builder after working as a full-time fly fishing guide for 18 years. He is currently in his 19th year as a guide.

It is in almost new condition, and has only been tested by taping the joint and putting a line on it. It becomes. Of course, there are no problems.

Maki Caenis' custom hand-built bamboo rods are very expensive and valuable items, starting at 300,000 yen even for single-handed rods.

It is also highly rated overseas.

This product has a composite hollow build with a solid back only, and a splice joint (the tip is solid), which inherits the history.The rod feels like one piece, and because it is a hollow build with a dam structure, the total weight of the rod is extremely high. A light thing. can be given. It will be an irregular 4pc.

The grip, which reproduces the pattern of wild cherry blossoms, is luxuriously made of crowbar cork, and has a skeleton and cork reel seat to prevent the rod from becoming too heavy.

The action is easy to use, from medium to medium fast, so you can easily handle overhead, spay, and underhand.

It contains the know-how of Mr. Maki Caenis' month-long Atlantic salmon expedition, and can also be used for cherry salmon. In Japan, it is used as a mainstream rod.

The reel seat is Struble dead stock. Only long feet can be installed, so please inquire about the length of the reel foot before purchasing.

It will be 2 tips.

The guide size is tailored to silk line and is smaller, so those who make their own knots may not be able to fit through it. Please be careful and check and contact us in advance.

Accessories include a hard case and original rod sock.

And rods with the same specifications will be ordered separately.

Regarding the warranty.

If you are the first owner and we know your name, we will repair it for a fee. Please use it with confidence for a long time. This is the comment.

This is a very rare one-piece piece, so don't miss out on this opportunity! !