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Single hand

Was devised and developed mainly for catching yamame trout, a native fish of Japan.
Thoroughly tested in the river before being commercialized.
In the spring of 2022, we finally succeeded in developing an ultra-lightweight rod
with 0 weight in order to respond to the high pressure fishing in recent years.

For fly fishing in Japan, I use a total leader and tippet of around 20ft.
When using 9x or 10x at 8x, the softness and suppleness of the rod
as a whole are particularly important in order to protect the thin tippet.
I'm here. Failure to cut the matching needle when hooking,
Tippet breakage during the fight.
These mistakes caused by using the wrong tools can be fully prevented
by using the correct tools.

Recommended length is up to 8 feet.

0 weight is often used for counts. Next is 1 weight.
Rods can be made with 4 weights or 5 weights upon request.
I received an order for a 5 weight rod and sent it to Oversea.

The main reason why I like to use 0 weight is that I can fish quietly.
In addition, a thin fly line protects a thin tippet,
so there is an advantage that the tippet can be thinned when fishing,
so it is especially advantageous for Japanese fish
who are concerned about the size of the tippet.
You can use thin tippets with confidence.
The same is true for double hands.