This hand-built landing net was inspired by looking at birch trees in the snowy mountains during the off-season. It is also inspired by the shape of an old-fashioned snowshoe.

The grips are made from shed antlers of Japanese deer and the frame is made from luxurious Japanese cypress. It is finished with an oil finish. The colour of the frame will become darker with use. The net is hand-knitted from Japanese Cremona yarn, dyed and colour-stained by the artist himself.

It is designed to be balanced when taking photographs of the fish caught. Normal wooden grips float in the water. The weight of the antler grip was designed to act as an anchor when photographing fish caught, so that the fish are not swept away in any current and can be photographed without lifting them out of the water more than necessary.
In Japan, it has also long been said that wearing deer antlers is a protection against river disasters. Thanks to this, the guide service has been accident-free for 19 years.

Accessories such as magnets and flow-stopping strings are at extra cost.
Maki net is used not only by Japanese clients but also abroad.

Before ordering, please check with your country's customs office that you are able to import Japanese deer antlers.


About the length of the grip.
"Is the grip too short for the completed net as a whole?"
Some people commented on this.
Or is the colour too flashy? Or the colours are too gaudy?

My nets are designed to be balanced only when you take a picture with a fish. Grips that are too long are too heavy and do not balance well.
The green is the colour that grows when photographed with fish in gin clear water in the fresh green of May.

This is based on the traditional "Shakkei" technique of Japanese gardens. This is a traditional Japanese technique of designing not only your own garden, but also the view of the mountains beyond.

I don't think there is anyone else who designs fishing tackle who would say this, but I am a Japanese artist who is proud to be Japanese.

L.L.Bean, Vintage Snow Shoe. I own for winter fly fishing.

Red version. Traditional Japanese Urushi lacquer coating.

Green version. Urushi lacquer finish. Rod is model 079.

Client trophy Yamame with Maki net.