The Cherry Salmon 2024

The Cherry Salmon. 2024.
14ft 7-9 weight. 2 tip.
*Hollow build, Splice joint.
Please contact us if you have a request for the desired length. If you have any questions, please contact us or omakase us.

My mentor's shop was the contact point when Göran Andersson came to Japan for an underhand training course organised by T.M.C.

I had the opportunity to guide my mentor and was impressed by the angle of his casting loop. It was truly wet fly casting.

I then visited him directly and learnt underhand casting one-on-one.

Rods mainly for underhand. Can also be cast overhead where there is backspace. Lines can be fished with 4-weight each double taper, weight forward, 5-weight single-handed spay line and line for underhand use, 6-weight underhand line up to 30g each sinkrate and silk line. Leaders of around 14 ft can be comfortably anchored. Conceived for quieter fishing.