812.H.S. 12ft 8weight.
Hollow build, Splice joint.

”The look of this rod was inspired by the violins and cellos that I love to listen to.”

12ft 8 weight. Hollow build, Splice joint, Impregnated and oil-finished, Signature wrapping.

For fishing on the Spey Mecca Saigawa River. Single foot, S.I.C. Gold color Large-diameter guides designed for use with mono filament running line from medium to long distances, This prevents line problems as much as possible when you are using a mono filament line, especially in cold temperatures.
The blank taper is a reversed taper like the Antique Green Heart rods.
Impregnated and oil-finished for fast recovery and Stress-free fishing like a carbon fiber rod. The oil is allowed to penetrate completely over a long period of time until not a single very small air bubble appears. This alone is a mind-boggling task. It cannot be done without passion. The joints have a special waterproof coating to protect the bamboo from water. This rod can be used with short to mid-belly Spey lines up to 480 grain. And if you are an experienced spey caster and want to cast faster line speeds and more further, we recommend about 420-grain shooting head.(around 27.22 gram)