History of Spilit Cane Bamboo rod.

I myself have imported many Bamboo rods and Greenheart rods
mainly from England and Scotland to Japan,
used them for actual fishing, To understand more deeply,
To explain or sometimes advice how to use and
which fly line is best to use.
Customers were mainly from Hokkaido.

Hardy's many Palacona rods, the longest being a 14ft 6in heavy rod with center steel. I used it well for practicing longberry casting. Hardy's 11ft Wye was also a good rod for Japanese fishing. It's the 2pc one. But my favorite is Scottish J.S.Sharp. I imported ferrule joints and splice joint lengths, the 12ft #8 was a good rod. It was a powerful rod that could cast recent spey lines. The ferrule joint was up to 12ft and it was too heavy to use for a day. It may be because of the action, but the ferrule joint was heavy even at 12ft6in.

I also imported an antique Farlows 12ft 8, but it was purchased with a Farlows reel by a Japanese client before I used it. P.D.Mallock's Bamboo rod was also a wonderful rod with a ferrule joint. It was 12ft #8. 

For Green Heart, C.Playfair's vibration rod was the best. And it was a splice joint. I've caught a number of good sized Japanese rainbow trout with this rod, and my Japanese client loved it and sold it. After that, I searched for another one of the same rod and now it is displayed in my work room.

After using a lot of antique rods, my conclusion is that if you have a hollow build with a splice joint, you can use a Splitcane Bamboo rod for the rest of your life, even if I'm getting old. That's what it means.