Ghost Spider's web

Chicken is more popular than turkey for Christmas.There are many K.F.C. even here Nagano prefecture.
A Charismatic chef visited our family and he coock awesome Chicken for us.
My father discharged from hospital today but he is still not good.
Here is special dinner for my mother who take care my father every day even he was at hospital...



I was thinking about line weight,It was way going to visit my father at hospital.We like to talk about fly fishing story.
I tald him about yesterday's blog i wrote about Karuizawa with details,Specially about fly i tie.Makes him big smile.He is much better than last time i visited.I can tell from he's face color and eyes.

CND Spey rod.


Early 2000's y.There were wild Rainbow trout lives at pond.Where gin clear spring creek water comes from upper creek,Many water insects lives there.

10x Spey.


Japanease native trout continue rising.
Splash rise,
"I'm here".
Yamame telling me she is rising with big splash rise.
Home river.
Where i learned,Fly fishing,Every thing about.
Specially "Match the hatch."After i lost my favorite wet fly box in to the same river.
It was time to say good bye...



When i was fishing Steelhead at Vancouver Island alone,I smell Bear's shit so strong and i had to stop fishing for safety...Escape to my car and i still remember it was so strong and "Fresh".
There are so many kinds of animals lives in B.C. Canada include danger animals.