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Shooting line.


Here are some good shooting lines example photo.
I been using "Flat beam".and Amnecia.and found that red color is best specially rainy season,Clowdy days,Low light condition.Better than yellow color..
Pink color is new to me and it's floating type.
35lb main.50lb is for Russian Atlantic salmon.

Trophy?What a hard skin!
Feel the bone,While slicing.
One of my favorite,Tasty spot...
#tuna #dinner

Big sky.


Big sky, Waiting for me,After a long and winding load.
My father and I used drive here,To fish lake Steelhead.
Should I stop chasing memories? Places where we fished together,I asked to myself the way going back to home.
Shall I continue,Till I find the answer...

Good night,

Meintenance,Take care of vintage tackles,Just like an old mortorcycle or,Old trumpet...It is fun time.
The reel fully "Balanced," better condition with great scream sound! So clean inside now.

Wake up 4:00 a.m. at river side.Still dark out side and rainy.
I saw local fishing friend Subaru parking front of me.He is crazy fisher but very polite.He helped me to try to fish Satsuki last time.
I get out to car and he came to out side.At first,I said to him thanks to last time's help as...



I arrived at "Parking".Midnight,Decided to sleep here,While looking for dark river.I was more up stream few ours a go and my plan was to fishing up stream.
What happen to me was,I had to drive a lot just for fishing license.Visited more than 5 stores and they keep saying "Sorry,No fishing license here..."and finally i found one.



Japan size,Caught and released.
So hot day time,Even last night...

Well,It's 2nd time for me to fishing "Land locked salmon" Here this season.
Last May,Wanted to go to Sea side but was Not arroud to go!
So,Even Nagano prefecture,There are lake run salmon lives and June is best rseason.
No luck so far,It's salmon fishing you know

This morning pic at river side.
Saw rainbow after this...(at sky),
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