It was late summer 2019.

Was fishing secretly.Caught few small trout using nymp,Wet flies.
I had very very little take.It was so little take.Might think it was bottom or rock,That little take.It was fish and big.Moved to up stream and came back to spot.
I didn't wear rain gear.My hair,Shirt,Everything wet and rain continue strongly.Changing thinhgs are allways good.Said to mysflf and I choose double salmon fly.
When that fly swing same spot that felt little take,This time,Fish took fly so strong.It was fish.My Noodle Bamboo rod bent so strong.
"Big one!" said to my self and try to fish from down stream as always...
I success landing big rainbow trout.

It was my father's request,He tald me he want to eat fish and wanted to see special one.

Said to trout,
"Not going to release you,This time."

We go back to home together.
We ate dinner together.

We talked about what happened at river together...

He told me that the taste was more similar to meat,My father,mother,Jiro and i we enjoy that meal together.

 Jiro & Maki.