What if you are planning to visit to NewZealand and if you are Spey fisher?
Are you thinking to bring your Spey rod and reels to NewZealand?
My answer is,Yes.
The length might be,around 12ft to 14ft.Line weight,I would recommend around from #5 to #7,or could be #8.
Would be very fun if you do Greased line,Floating line only.No sink tips.As it can do "Soft presentation."Which most important when you are fishing in NewZealand I think...
Even you can try,"Up stream casting."If your rod action is not too slow.
There are also possibilities,Chances to challenge "Evening rise."fishing.Even after the dinner,When it is getting darker.Many Caddiss flies will hatches and makes trout crazy...
You can use addulut fly both of dead drift and swing,Skating but my favorite stye is using "Floating pupa."and fishing surface.The key is do not set hook too early,You better wait till fish runs.And also better to do not continue casting again and again.You are loosing chance to catch fish each casting and better think,Cool down,If you are doing o.k.
It is also fun to use wet flies to swing inside of the water.
But not too deep...

Best fishes,