I visited my father at hospital last night.We talked about fishing and classic music and about my boss Jiro..

When i was fishing Steelhead at Vancouver Island alone,I smell Bear's shit so strong and i had to stop fishing for safety...Escape to my car and i still remember it was so strong and "Fresh".
There are so many kinds of animals lives in B.C. Canada include danger animals.

The other hands,When you go to NewZealand,(South Island). As you know,Trout is number one.There are no animals to eat those trout.I learned that those trout was "Imported" from Europ long long time ago.

Both of county, There are unique rules made by humans for fishing and for fish,B.C.Canada and South Island Canada,
When i was lived in Ch,Ch,New Zealand.It was o.k. to fish with felt wading boots.After that "Didimo" things happened to New Zealand.I also learned peoples works very hard to "Protect" those trout and we maybe should say thank you to those peoples who works for nature.
My father asked me,"Which county did you liked?".
My answer was,"Well,It's good that i can fish "Safely" specially when you fish alone,But i also feel like "Fake" to me if there were no danger animals like Bear's not Sheep's...
We like take a lisk and learn how to do not fight with,To "Coexistence" with those animals.And as you know,If there "Too much" lures you must follow or, "Control" by humans,I did not like it at all.We want to be a part of nature and again,Humans,We are Not number one. I hate the rule of trying to judge specially when you are fishing.
He totally agree with me with big smile.I stay at he's room till he get sleepy.
I talked about fluegelhorn next.I tried Yamaha fluegelhorn but the sound still likely trumpet,I wanted play more "Mellow" sound...

He adviced me about fluegelhorn,It is very impnrtant in your life(my life) to "Invest" for art of the music. It was very simple advise but to me it was very It was a valuable word.

 I also told him that Wild raccoon came to the garden and Jiro get very angly.
I said to Jiro,"Go! and fight?"
But he doesn't wanted to go..
Father said,
"Wild raccoon is stronger than Jiro."
We laugh together and i rearized that's why he did not go to out side,He knew that?
I one stopped and bought some snacks for my boss Jiro.He really liked that.

©︎Maki Caenis.