Latest film.Spey Japan.Uploaded.


New moon dance,Toward to heaven... 


Rod,Ken Sawada.SS2012D. 

Reel.Sussex Cherry salmon. 

Line,Bridge.Long belly.(Floating head),Airflo Inter. 

Leaders,Snowbee salmon 14ft.(Inter,Sinking) 

Tippets.Fujino line Japan. 

Gears.(Waders,Boots,Bags,Vest) Guideline Sweden. 

Note,Tried to find spot where water temp low.As it is still hot Summer weather.Such as out let,Shadow,Under trees. 

Location.River Sai,(lower).Nagano prefecture,Japan. 

Catch & Release only. 

Caught Rainbow I think she came from more up stream we had big rain & unusual high water 2 month ago.Still hot even at night.Waiting for Fall.