Fishing bottom.



Wake up 4:00 a.m. at river side.Still dark out side and rainy.
I saw local fishing friend Subaru parking front of me.He is crazy fisher but very polite.He helped me to try to fish Satsuki last time.
I get out to car and he came to out side.At first,I said to him thanks to last time's help as I don't know how to contact to him after the last time fishing,I did not do any S.N.S.
Asked him if this is good rain?
He started to explain,
Because of this rain,it will makes water level better.But important things is that average water level,To fish not to us.Wanted to be more low water,And them,After that low water,If water level become higher...It would be best and more Satsuki will coming...
More local fisher men comes,He asked me to jon but i told him to stay here and would like to watch from here.Because i had muscle pain as i used,Enjoy 20 foot spey rod full day yesterday.I needed to come down and even little high water level.It is not good for me to going into the river even with local.For safety.
I start shaving my face,Brush teeth,Wash my face,and dry shampoo my hair.
Decided what to wear.Had fast breakfast.
Suddenly,I saw local's rod vend and he noticed by hand.Means Yes,He caught one.
After i moved to river.I used Switch rod it is 10ft6in.With Full floating line and Ex fast sinking leader.It was much easier than longer rod for here.

I hard that there is a professor who is fishing to protect the fish.I met him this date.
He was a men who vent he's rod this morning and I said hello to him,Asked so many questions.He was also very polite and kind person.He carry total 3 huge fish basket(not to keep) and One is with air.What he doing is,Those Satsuki can't cross the concrete made dam(weir).They keep fish It is released to the closed fishing zone upstream of the dam.
It is hard to imagine how hard job he is doing,Carry heavy cooler,Fish basket...But he's face,Eye was so "bright".For those who works mother nature,They will receive grace.Specially who doing without expecting.I wish he will blessed more and more.

"New spot".
After I say good bye to Professor,I and local fisher men decided,He invited to come to next spot.It was very confusing way to get there.
Once we arrived there,I asked him to drink coffee? He doesn't.We drink and talk.Suddenly,Rain become more heavy and we decided to wait till rain become better.
I feel to deep sleep and was dreaming inside of car.It was about 10:30 a.m when i woke up and rain was more less.I apologize to him that i slept too long. But he said i was sleeping also.
He show me how to fish and caught one rainbow and one Amago.Also told me to keep fishing bottom.Around lunch time,He had to go,I asked him to go for lunch to thank him,He's kindness.But next time,We promised.
I decided to fish same spot till get dark before as i better always decide where to sleep before get dark,For safety,Best to do not drive at night.I do not wanted to make same mistake,Get lost,Waist gasoline,Go to sleep mid night.It is not good for next day's fishing and like my Father teach me long time a go.Going to bed as early as i could for the "Golden time" means morning.Don't think at evening,Start with hope,Wish,While listen to those beauty birds singing,Even no need music if i can hear those beauty birds sing with the sound of river.I can feel my soul is delighted!!

"Evening rise,5X"
Continue casting till get dark before.Included 2 times coffee break.It was so hot day time but nothing happen to me.Expect i lost my flies because i catch bottom again and again...
It was time to move to next spot.No idea where to go even i wasn't sure where i am...
From the river,Face to up stream.There is a hat i can see and if my memory is correct.I know that hat,Maybe i came here before??
I needed to confirm it.Because if my memory is correct,I am not that old but it was more than 10 years a go.I was here with my Japanese clients,I did "Match the hatch fly fishing school,One on one."It was this river??
I spent almost one day at rittle lower same river and it was more than 10 years ago??
I moved my car to up stream,Once i get up stream i know there is Bridge i can a cross and there is place to park my car.
Here it is!!
I am so excited because i know exactly where to fish,Even i can spot there,and there and there...I needed to decide if i want to fish with full floating system,I mean floating leader.It was first time to say good bye to sink leaders,Say good bye to local's advice,And say hello to myself but 13 years before,I was with client.We caught and released so many beauty Amago using dry flies,Exactly this place...Even last night i was almost near here but my car navi is helpless at all.
What ever,I am here again,I came back here.
Wasn't took long to choose fly.Better don't wading,Said to myself.This place is so major so i need to fish just lie Ninja.
It happened after few cast.I was using C.D.C.Garry lafontane Sparkle Caddis pupa,At surface. 
If my eyes are correct.Fish came to my fly,It was Amago and the size was over 40cm...
She is gone with my fly.Nothing happen after that and rain started again...But it was blessing of the rain.
Oh,My Father want me to go back...I decided to go back to home and it was about 2 ours drive from that place.

I been fishing bottom using type 5,6, plus ex fast sinking leader.With flash color,Such as Needle tube fly,Low water single,Double,Aluminium to brass tube,Plastic tube long tails.
I remember about Mr,Ken Sawada's article,It was about fishing Cherry Salmon,and He caught Satsuki,While fishing Cherry salmon in June.He was using wet fly and when i was in M.M.K. Mr Alexandy san advised me to use double to fish surface.Also at local fishing shop's manager in down town of M.M.K. Mr,Alexandy san's friend.He advised me to use floating line.I bought Guideline spey line at M.M.K. and what i been doing this river was,Because I listen to advice,I 99% fishing deeper and deeper.But i start thinking,Remember about salmon fishing in June,July.Oh,I better fish more mid to surface and i can't stop thinking to use which flies,Even with dropper fly,I can try to fish muc lighter tackles with lighter leaders.
Them i had to learning about "Loch style" fly fishing and,or, Sea trout fly fishing.From those great books.I can always learn from those valuable literature left over by our predecessors and can't stop reading(not leading) those books here for next fishing trip...
It is time to start fly tying!! With wish but not expect too much.

Will be continue.