Favorite spey lines.(long belly).



There are many spey lines at my work shop.
Full line,Shooting head style and custom made highbrid line.
I been tring to make things simple.
For example,When you want to coock at river using dudge oven you may need to bring more luggages with minimum space.
If fishing at big river and bring 18foot spey rods,My answer for now would be next 2 lines. 

1.Snowbee 3D salmon,Intermediate(Full line).
This line is not over weight,Not too heavy,Well balanced.I can recommend to even first time long belly line.
I do like also the sink late,(Fast inter). 

2.Bridge fly line Canada.(floating head). 
Best long belly spey line,ever.Not only for casting very far.Good fishing line.

Getting leady for September.