CND Spey rod.


Early 2000's y.There were wild Rainbow trout lives at pond.Where gin clear spring creek water comes from upper creek,Many water insects lives there.

Karuizawa is resort town,Where John Lenon,and Yoko Ono used own 2nd house and visited many times.

 When i was looking for pond to take photograph,I found many carp swimming.
It was so peaceful to see that carp swimming at clear color water.But i found that there are seems to me different kind of fish swimming with carp

Wild Rainbow trout
I go back to my car and wear my glass polarized lenz and i see those are beauty Rainbow trout swimming!
I can't figure  out,Why there are wild Rainbow lives here.And i wanted to catch those Rainbows.

My 1st Spey rod.
The pond is for those peoples who visit to Karuizawa as sight seeing.There are no back space to cast my flies.Back space was within 1m.And it was my first try to using Spey rod for fishing.
I recerch some Spey rod and i wanted around #6 weight floating line Spey rod as possibly i can use at my home river and home water for Caddis Fly scating.Also it is best to start with floating line.
I choose CND Expert Spey.13ft #5/6/7 weight. 
Loaded 6weight floating line with it.

 Spey line or Normal fly line? 
I first try Triangle taper spey line.
I liked white color and it was pleasure to learn from Roll cast.Jump roll,and Spey casting.
But soon,I found "Problem" of Spey line... 

Water pressures.
I start to continue to go there to catch Rainbows and found that those Rainbows have "fixed excursion course".
Exact time,Exact location.Just like Japanease train.
I also found that they liked to swim very close to me,Bank side,Because there were many trees hanging and they are eating those Terrestrial insect,Specially Green color inch worm.
I tie same color worm and i needed to find  out those fish's "favorite sinking speed".
Those Rainbow never came up to surface so i need to sink my fly and not too fast,also not too slow.
You have only ×1 time each "chance" to cast your fly.Once she gone,You have to wait next excursion...
I found out finally best timing and trout take my fly just like exact worm eating.

I was using 6.5x tippet with Spey line.And What happen to me was,Because when Rainbow start fighting,Strong run.She run straight a way and make turn next.Them my fly is gone with tippet because of water pressure.
I need found out better fly line,And i go to nolmal W.F. fly line finally.But with longer rear taper in case i some time need cast little far.

I finally success to catch those wild beauty Rainbows.Told my friend(I wasn't guide those days yet) He start to fish almost every day and the pond not arroud to fish anymore as more kids start to fish same pond and become too popular,Because of safety??
The fish smell so strong and few people who sight seeing that poud asked me,
" Are you a doctoral researcher of ecology?"
My answer was,

" Well!"..
©︎Maki Caenis