#7 weight.
#7 weight.

I was thinking about line weight,It was way going to visit my father at hospital.We like to talk about fly fishing story.
I tald him about yesterday's blog i wrote about Karuizawa with details,Specially about fly i tie.Makes him big smile.He is much better than last time i visited.I can tell from he's face color and eyes.
Yesterday,Also try to remember about my first spey rod,CND Expert spey.#5.6.7.I rearize that i never tried #7 weight for that rod. 
I liked to use lighter weight,My target wasn't so big,My flies are not so big.I didn't cast so far...Many "Reasons" i can tell when i look back to my past.
Back to 1980's my first Steelhead rod for summer in Vancouver Island was #7 weight.(Floting line)
The reason i use #7 was.Because my mentor recommend that all.
He is "Deep thinker."
I was age 16.My body,Wasn't powerful yet.
Do not miss understand when i talking about power.It's not about how strong you cast.No,It is about how "heavy" rod you can handle.To continue casting and fishing.While walking,Feeling "Beauty Canadian nature."
To me,Those Steelhead flies i use first time i use in my life,Those are big flies.When i compare to flies we use for Yamame and Iwana.
Wind,Back space,Wading,To casting those big flies.It was "best choice".for that age I think
I'll ask my mentor when i meet him again.

#6 or #8 weight are more popular than #7 here in Japan.
After i experienced little at fishing big river,Main streams,or when fish bigger Rainbow trouts.It is conftable to use #7 weight.

Hardy "Wye".at Home water.11ft.#7. (2pc.)
J'S' Sharp."Scottie".10ft6in #7. (3pc.)

I liked those "shorter length" #7 weight rods.
Even at big lake,I waited at near bank quietly,To do not spook fish,Better don't cast fly till fish came. 

 After i experienced "few days" of Atlantic salmon fly fishing in M.M.K. Russia,My usual fly size for those main streams are get quite bigger. I tried,Fish, Size 2/0.And most of Japanease peoples say,
"Your fly is too big."


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