"49 days,"forty-ninth day.(after a person's death)...



According to Buddhism, it is said that there will be a judgment on the 50th day after the death of a person, which is 49 days, and a decision is made whether to go to heaven or hell. Those who were left to go to heaven for the deceased will mourn for 49 days, so that the deceased may go to heaven. I live with respect.

By the way, is the act of fishing in the river saddening the deceased?

My view is that our fishing is C&R and we do much fishing rather than any heavenly punishment.

Even my father, who was called to heaven, has faith in fishing. It said.

Faith is the heart that believes in invisible things.

Nowadays, we are in a world where we are afraid of invisible things.

While I was in mourning, I painted the Rod grip black.

There is a person who did not know this meaning and imitated me and blackened the rod grip in the same way, but will he be given a punishment?

Each color and number has a meaning. In the spiritual world, the soul is purified by watching the sunrise and sunset in nature for 40 days. It has been with. I want to listen to the sound of the river on the banks of the river for 40 or 50 days and embark on a journey to see the sunrise and sunset.

Thank you.