1st Steelhead.


First Steelhead in my life.

Location,Vancouver Island.
1990's. Summer.

Vancouver Island.

Visted many times to fish Steelhead.
Some times by mortorcycle. 

Vancouver Island.1990's

Solo trip.

I visited Campbel river,B.C.Canada when i was teenager.I was high school student and it was summer vacation.

I met my fly fishing mentor,Mr Char that trip.
 It was  Salmon & Steelhead tour.

My English skill become much better wheo i come back to Japan after the trip to Canada and U.S.A. about 1 month trip.
Still remember my teacher,Class mate and myself was very suprised.
I decided to move to Canada as student to learn English and graduated college with Canadian nature degree..
I wanted go back to Canada to fish Steelhead in Canada.I go back to Vancouver Island alone it was early 1990's.I worked very very hard to make my dream come true! and it wasn't parents money.To pay myself means big difference you know?
I rent a car at Vancouver international air port and drove to Campbel river by my self.

Ferry,Dolphins,and Big  sea.

I still remember "Smell of the sea". as i group at mountain side since kids,The smell of the sea it makes me special...