10x Spey.


Japanease native trout continue rising.
Splash rise,
"I'm here".
Yamame telling me she is rising with big splash rise.
Home river.
Where i learned,Fly fishing,Every thing about.
Specially "Match the hatch."After i lost my favorite wet fly box in to the same river.
It was time to say good bye to my old school wet fly fishing style but it wasn't forever. 
I used lived river side to lean deeper about fly fishing Yamame.2 min walk to the home river. 
I was fly tyer and fishing day time,Tie hit flies and sale limited hand tie "Today's hit flies for Yamame" at internet. 
Even i was tying my flies for my clients and for Yamame.I can see today's hatch at my tying room.Yes,That close my tying room was located.
When season closed,In winter.I wear snow shoes and carry dripped dark coffee
My favorite time was to spent time at river side while feeling "power of nature".Try to imagine where Yamame staying.  
There are many things you can do even off season,Maintain tackles,Organize fly boxes,Tie new flies.Write daiary...
2007y.I started design fly rod for Yamame and for those fly fisher who enjoy art of fly fishing.Those are limited custom rods.
Single hand,Light weight spey,Switch rod

Still remember it was home river.Yamame was rising just like the date before.
Same spot,Same time.Some times you can't tell how big size it is as even trophy Yamame eat so quietly,Till you start fight
But this time i can tell it's good size and rare true our Native Yamame called "Buillet Yukawa Yamame."
Most of the reason why you down size tippet is,Because Yamame care about tippet very well.But it is not only tippet size.
Fly.Approach.Casting.Feeding lane.Timing of hooking.Fighting for rolling and head shake.
Where to land.Where to take photo quicklly and release her.
After many times of testing the rod alone but with my great partners Yamame.
I success to build "Light weight Spey rod".
The rod is gentle enaugh to "protect" tiny 10x tippet.For those selective Yamame.With out "Deep wading".
We,my clients enjoyed this spey rod not only at river also at lake where selective good size of Rainbow trout lives.


"Client fighting".
Location,Lake Yachiho. 

"Yukawa Iwana".Caught&Released.
"Buillet Yukawa Yamame".