"Synchronicity".A gift from...


A ladybug came in when i was tying flies but I let it go. A symbol of good luck with high vibrations... It is said that when a dead person comes to see people in this world, they borrow the appearance of a ladybug.

After tying flies,I was playing with Jiro,Some times he goes like difficult dog...

He went somewhe and finally I foumd him.
At my bed...
Jiro,It's not arroud to be there?
You aren't stink??
I rearized i shampoo him yesterday and idid bed making, Replace the sheets and pillowcase and i wanted to do Deodorant spray just in case.But i can't find it.
I went to  books and I found this book.

The book is my father's book and I did not know that he own the book of "Fishing Hokkaido,"
Maybe here is answer from him...
I been trying to do not think,Trying to feel.
Trying to stop overthink,Tring to listen to my heart. 

Be honest with yourself.

Would you believe "Synchronicity",
Thanks for trouble,Jiro.